Frequently Asked Questions

You typically will not have to do anything to the bot, since everything should be set up for you either way. Just make sure the bot has the correct role and channel permissions in order to play music! If you would like to configure settings, you can use the ;settings command.

Regular StormBeatz has many features which you can use for absolutely free! With Premium, you are able to increase the max amount of songs in the queue up to 500, and are able to edit the max song length up to 15 hours. You also are able to get rid of vote-locks for sound effect commands, and are also able to block explicit songs if your server is family-friendly. You also get a cool role in our Discord server!

If you have bought Premium, make sure to join our Discord server. Through here, you are able to activate it in x amount of servers, depending on the tier you’ve bought! If you would like to cancel at any time, you may do so through Patreon.

If you are not happy about the Premium within the first day, please contact us and we will issue a refund. Do not issue a chargeback with PayPal or your bank without consulting us first.

StormBeatz is an actual company run by real people. Premium and donations are what keeps the bot running, since we can then pay our Developers and also manage to keep up with hosting costs and taxes.

There could be many reasons as to why. No one likes laggy music obviously, and we would like you to have the best quality possible, so here are some possible reasons as to why it is happening and some solutions:

  • 1. VPN. You possibly have a VPN enabled, and we get that! However, VPNs can usually decrease the sound quality by a lot. We recommend you disable it while listening to StormBeatz play music.
  • 2. Your internet. Not everyone may have a great internet, which is totally understandable! Making sure no one else is using your internet or resetting your modem could help.
  • 3. Server region. It could possibly be the server region for voice channels causing this, so to fix this you may use the ;fix command. Simply just run ;fix voice, and it should change the server region and get steady music.
  • 4. Voice channel bitrate. Higher bitrates can usually mean the audio quality will be poorer for people with bad connection. Lowering it could help.
  • 5. If all of the above fails, please join our Discord server for help.

There could be a few reasons for this. Make sure of the following:

  • 1. Make sure you don’t have the bot muted
  • 2. Make sure your volume isn’t turned off
  • 3. Make sure your Discord voice settings aren’t messed up, and try resetting them.
  • 4. If you have made sure of all the following, please join our Discord server. The Developers will look into the issue.

We highly value the privacy of all users, and as such, the bot remains deafened while in a voice channel at all times. This also improves bot performance and audio quality to a certain extent.

Just configure the permissions of the voice channels accordingly! Steps to block StormBeatz access to a voice channel:

  • 1. Make sure the bot doesn't have the ADMINISTRATOR permission
  • 2. Click the gear or edit channel on the voice channel
  • 3. Go to the Permissions tab
  • 4. Click +
  • 5. Search for "StormBeatz"
  • 6. Click X next to the Connect permission


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