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Many Supported Platforms

StormBeatz offers a variety of platforms which you may play music from, including your favorite playlists!

Sound Effects

Sound Effects

StormBeatz includes free volume control and tons of unique sound effects to bring your music to life. No payment necessary!

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Command Variety

Variety of Commands

Enjoy a variety of commands for free unlike the average music bot! Get more information on the commands page.



View your top songs, artists, genres, and even get an automatically generated recommendations playlist, all based on your music taste through our integration!



We ensure that you'll enjoy the service of StormBeatz 24/7 with a 99.9% uptime guarantee for the best experience!

Want Extra Features?

Enhance your experience by subscribing to a premium plan. Enjoy no vote locks, explicit song filter, additional sound effects, autoplay, and more! You won't regret it.

Not Convinced?

Read about what our users think of StormBeatz!

StormBeatz is a music bot for Discord that features a lot of nice options that allows you to listen to music quickly and easily. There’s some pretty interesting sound effects that you can apply, and there’s many different commands to use.

StormBeatz does all the things you would expect of a Discord music bot. It has a lot of very detailed server settings to let you control what channel it plays in, what channel it listens to for commands, who can use the bot, and prevents things like duplicate tracks and other stuff.

I've been using this bot for about a year now, it has proven to be the most reliable and feature rich bot. The fact that this bot has so many customizable settings and such a dedicated developer team which actively works on the bot is just incredible. I've never experienced any issues with this bot whatsoever, I strongly recommend using this bot in your server as the primary music bot!

StormBeatz brings music to another level. It has a lot of really cool features unique to itself and is fairly easy to understand. It has plenty of commands that makes listening more easier and fun. Being very customisable, it really does fit every server's needs.

The bot features a plethora of extremely unique commands along with a thorough but useful configuration interface. The bot also features numerous sound effects which makes listening to music with friends on Discord a whole lot more fun!

StormBeatz is a great music bot with plenty of features to keep you hooked while talking or gaming on discord. It's extremely customizable, efficient, and has great connectivity to keep music sounding crisp and clean

I am simply blown away by all of the features that this bot has. Like, I'm not sure if any other bot has the amount of features that this bot has. Of course, you have the normal features that every music bots have, like play, skip, queue, etc., but there are also some really fun sound effect commands that you can use as well. A few examples of some fun sound effect commands are vaporwave, drunk, nightcore, and many other commands that are fun to play around with. Basically, StormBeatz is the best music bot.

StormBeatz is one of the best music bots I’ve ever used. I originally used other bots for my music but once I was introduced to StormBeatz by a friend, I practically fell in love with its abilities. I recommend StormBeatz to anyone looking for a great music bot with tons of features and commands!

I've been using StormBeatz since the release, and have seen the bot improving over quite some time. It really is the best current music bot in my opinion, cause it has everything you need from a music bot, and if it doesn't you can request it and they will seriously consider that. The team is always ready to help and spends lots of time in working on the bot and keep coming up with unique ideas. The bot is very user-friendly and easy to use, but also has very specific settings you could configure if you'd like to. I have definitely experienced the best music bot so far, and you should really use this if you want a music bot in your server just to listen with friends, or have a big community to listen together, or whatever you use it for, it'll fit well in your server.


Need Help?

If you've got any questions, issues, feedback, or concerns, please let us know. You can do so in our Support Server where our Team will assist you!

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Why StormBeatz?

StormBeatz is a bot which has been a household name on many servers, which allowed us to build a music bot ready for any size of community.

Meet the Team

These are the people that work tirelessly to make sure you get the best music bot experience! Click on any of the avatars to learn more about them!

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