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Storm Developmentz (“we”, “our”, “us”) respects and protects the privacy of all users regarding our services, which include the StormBeatz Discord Bot ("StormBeatz", "bot", "service"). Any inquires or concerns about our privacy policy should be emailed to [email protected]

Effective as of: January 9, 2022

Information Collected

We may collect data whenever you interact with the bot, which may or may not be deemed personal, to provide our service(s) as efficiently as possible, and also for statistical purposes. We NEVER collect data that is not directly correlated with our service. Collected data may include:

• server configuration (server ID and your bot settings)

• command logs (command used, user ID, channel ID, server ID, relevant info such as message content or interaction data)

• player logs (all changes with the server's music player, user IDs of listeners)

• error logs (all data that is relevant to the error, which may include server ID and user ID)

Data Usage

Although we are in possession of these logs, such data is not accessed by our team without legitimate reason. All of the data that may be collected is done so for the sole purposes of service efficiency, security, and analytics. Player logs are used by our system to provide users with a personalized experience. The obscurity of these logs prevents us from retrieving any personal user data without computerized aid, which protects the privacy of our users.

Data Security

Our team places high value on the needs of our users, and as such, we're happy to assure you that any information we may collect is secure.

We never distribute or in any way expose collected data to a third party.

We reserve the right to access and distribute collected data if we have probable cause to believe you are a threat to our service(s) or if we are asked to do so by law enforcement.

Date Retention

The duration we retain collected data for may vary depending on circumstances and the type of data.

Server settings are retained for as long as the bot remains in the server. If the bot is removed from the server, the settings are deleted from our database within a year.

Command logs are retained for 90 days. After 90 days have passed, we store only generalized information for statistical purposes and all user data is deleted from our database.

Player logs are retained forever. This is to ensure the efficiency of the personalized experience provided in our service.

Error logs are retained for as long as deemed necessary by our developers to resolve the issue.

We reserve the right to retain data for a longer period of time if we have a viable reason to do so.

Opting Out

The only type of data collection users may opt out of is player logs. This can be done using the "personaldata off" command. Note that this will also disable personalized experience for those users and they will not be able to access that subset of features. Users may opt back in with the "personaldata on" command.

Users may not opt out of any other type of data collection while interacting with the bot as it is necessary to monitor abuse and keep our service intact.

User Rights

You have the right to request a copy of the collected data linked directly to you. You also have the right to request deletion of your data. Please note that if you do request your data to be deleted, we may take up to 30 days to process your request. This is to protect our service and ensure that there is no ill intent.

For such inquiries, please contact us via the email aforementioned.


We may make changes to our policy at any time, and these changes will be effective immediately at the time of publication. You may be informed of policy updates by an “Effective as of _____” notice at the top of this page and an announcement in our Discord server. We are not obligated to directly emphasize our policy changes to you, and they will apply regardless of whether or not you are aware.

Acceptance of Policy

By utilizing StormBeatz and interacting with our service, you thereby agree to our privacy policy and give us consent to collect the data priorly mentioned. Continued use of our service further signifies your acceptance of our policies.

If you do not accept all or part of our policy, we ask that you do not use our service.

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